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Dude – Your Sister Is Sucking My Schlong

Some guy’s sisters are nice and innocent but if they are anything like my sisters, they are little whores and just play innocent around their daddy but they never hesitate to fuck their brothers over every chance they get.  That’s where I come in – drag your easy sibling to me and I’ll grudge-fuck the […]

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Fucking My Sister

I know it’s weird but last week I got a chance to shoot this old bastard fucking my sister and the old fart paid me to fuck my little sister to boot. It all started when my sister decided it would be a good idea to play with my puppy on the trampoline – sure, […]

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Shaved Sister Muff

I know I’m a sick bastard but I there is something about shaved sister vagina that turns me on and our latest vid of Smokie Flame’s shaved little vagina is as hot as any of the video clips that brothers have made of their sisters snatches for the sick bastards at Bring Me Your Sister. […]

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My Errant Redhead Sister

Red hair runs in the family and if you’ve ever known a redhead – we can be a pain in the butt – my redhead little sibling is no exception. Don’t ever let your sibling move into your place because the only way you’ll ever get the rent is by pimping her butt out. At […]

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Local Newspaper Paper 11 June 2008 Personal section: Has your sister ever done you wrong? Does she owe you cash? Has she trashed your things? Get your due retaliation and earn a few dough. revenge has never been so sweet. Bring Me Your sister! Call 555-0199 today and ask for Richard.

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Fuck My Sister

My stupid fucking sister can’t stay out of trouble no matter what she does. This little ho threw a fucking party and trashed my signed football Jersey – the fucking floozy got pizza stains on it – wore it around like it was her fucking shirt. Little sisters are a pain in the ass anyway […]

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