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“That’s right – my sibling just ran up my fucking phone bill and if I didn’t have the bucks by tomorrow my phone is getting shut off so I’m selling the little sandy harlot to the guys at Bring Me Your Sister to pay my phone bill.” That’s what I told my friends just before dragging my sibling to this old buddy’s place to film the little harlot getting revenge-fucked in order to pay me back. Of course, I didn’t tell my sibling I was selling her stupid sandy butt but she’s a harlot and I was pretty damn sure she would be riding a fat pecker shortly just to get me my fucking bucks. Click on the picture to see the free photograph of my slutty sandy sister!

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My Slutty sandy Sister

The old fucker from Bring Me Your Sister is smooth – it only took him a few minutes to talk my sibling into making a porno video clip and he even convinced her to let me stay and film her. I had no idea it would turn me on so much to see my sibling nekkid for the first time up close and personal but when my sibling first bent over and the old man started whoopin her – I knew I would enjoy being the camera guy.

Spanking My Sister

Spanking My Sister

But I sold her to do porno and I wanted to see more than her tan lines, I wanted to see my sibling’s sweet cunt split wide open by a fat pecker so when the old man positioned me so I could film the initial penetration of his fat pecker into my sibling’s little pink muffy with it’s tuft of sandy pubic hair in a cute little landing strip and the expression on her face at the same time, I could feel my own manhood swelling in my pants – my fucking sibling is hot as hell! And yes, you can see her taking her first fat pecker as I film it – only on Bring Me Your Sister.

My Sister's First Fat Cock

My sibling’s First Fat Cock

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