I’m Back!

One good thing about doing a lot of smut when you’re young is that there is always something new being published – even if it was filmed when I was still a teen. But I’ve had a lot of requests to set something new so I went to see my friend, Richard Nailder with my sibling (yes I owed him coin again) and made a few new video clips, the first of which was with my sibling filming me and Richard Nailder and he just put up a few free galleries of me fucking him while my sibling filmed it for Bring Me Your Sister. Here’s a few photograph from the the video clip – click on them to see the free galleries.

Anistaija Sucking Cock bfc sbj gnd xxxp oldny brunnette tattooed nnts sisp

Me Giving Richard Nailder Head

It’s been a while since I had a fat dick so I was a little nervous but excited at the same time. It was also a little weird having my sibling filming me fucking but that’s the only way I could pay him back for trashing his dwelling. I like this picture – my tits and cooch look so nice – don’t you wish that was your dick?

Anistaija Taking A Fat Cock

I’m Ready For Richards Fat Cock

So far, the only sites I set for are run by my friend Richard Nailder – join Bring Me Your Sister and get full access to all his sites – and every errant picture and video clip I’ve ever made.

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