Richard Nailder And Holie Marie – Little Coed Muffy

OK – so I’m a fucking pervert – no one has ever disputed that and that’s because the people that know me all know I love nothing more then a tiny teenager muff. Lucky for me, Colorado model Holie Marie has just the kind of tiny teenager muff I love. This was Holie’s smut audition – but it wasn’t really planed. It seems she pissed her sibling off and he decided to pimp her ass out in her first ever smut scene. Lucky for me, her sibling read my Bring Me Your Sister add in the local paper and soon he was at my door with his sister in tow. Holie turned out to be a unmarred fuck and we decided to hire her for our other sites: Glass mannequin and Real Colorado coeds.


Tiny teenager Pussy

Of course – if you don’t like tiny teenager muff you can always play with her terrific teenager tits – actually – it’s the pained expression on her face that I love in this picture. You can tell that she’s having a little trouble fitting my fat schlong in her tiny teenager muff from the grimace on her face.

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Perfect teenager Tits

To see if Holie can take the pounding that I gave her – join Bring Me Your Sister today – and as a bonus, I’ll give you full access to Glass Mannequin and Real Colorado Girls for the same price as a bonus.

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